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Here are the web addresses mentioned on our current printed leaflet, in easy clickable links.

You may want to use "Open link in New Tab" (ctrl+click or click-with-mousewheel, in most modern browsers), to visit these sites while also keeping this page open.

(Unless otherwise marked, the links on this page go to sites written and maintained by other people - I don't control their content.)

On the front:

On the back:

There's also a number of other very interesting anti-Scientology websites around. Some of these were mentioned on the previous version of our printed leaflet, but we've moved the links to here instead so we can give more background about each linked site.

Further Reading:

There are also a number of books written by ex-Scientologists in which they tell their personal stories. A lot of them are self-published in the USA and difficult to obtain, but these two are from UK + Ireland authors and much easier to get hold of:

There is also a bunch of different information - and related links to back it up - on the main page.

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